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SQL Backup Master Help

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SQL Backup Master is a Windows software tool that allows you to back up your Microsoft SQL Server databases to the cloud.


Supported storage services and protocols include:


Local or network folder

FTP (including FTPS and SFTP)


Google Drive

Amazon S3


Google Storage (S3)

Backblaze (S3)

Wasabi (S3)

Azure Storage


IDrive (S3)

Custom S3 Compatible


Some of the storage services above provide a free entry level of service, often with a considerable amount of storage space available. You can also purchase additional storage as needed - usually at a very low cost. This makes these services perfect candidates for affordable, reliable database backups with SQL Backup Master.


SQL Backup Master also offers a robust database recovery tool that allows you to download database backup files and use them to restore one or more SQL Server databases.


The remainder of this help file describes the features of SQL Backup Master in more depth.