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Compression and encryption

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Compression method - Choose between Disable (the archive file is created), Zip, and 7-Zip (LZMA) compression methods. When choosing, please keep in mind that the 7-Zip file format will generally provide better compression ratios, but will also usually be significantly slower (and consume more memory).


Important: If you elect to disable compression entirely (by seeing the compression method to "disable"), archive encryption options will no longer be available.


Compression level - Determines the amount of compression applied to database backup files. Higher compression generally occurs at the expense of computational resources.


Encrypt backup archive file - Allows you to encrypt compressed database backup files with AES-256.


Password - When using AES-256 zip encryption, enter the associated password (and confirmation).


Important: If you decide to make use of AES-256 archive encryption, be sure to retain a secure record of your password. The associated database backups cannot be recovered without it.


Limit zip compression to a single CPU core - When enabled, prevents zip format encryption from utilizing multiple cores. Note that this option applies  to zip archives only.