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SQL Backup Master offers backup job execution scheduling that is capable of running full, differential, and transaction log backups at regular intervals.


The backup type fields allow you to choose the type of backup(s) generated:


Full backup - Turning on this feature enables scheduling for the backup job as a whole. Full backups will be created at the specified interval.

Differential - Creates differential backups of the target database(s) at the specified interval (after the full backup is created).

Transaction Log - Creates transaction log backups of the target database(s) at the specified interval (after the full backup is created).


Important: Scheduled differential and transaction log backups will be run only after a full backup has run to successful completion. If the source databases associated with a scheduled job change, SQL Backup Master will once again wait until a full backup is run prior to executing scheduled differential and transaction log backups.


The following settings allow further control over backup job execution:


Start date/time - Indicates precisely when scheduled backup job execution will begin. This field is always required.

End date/time - Optional setting indicating when the backup job scheduling will end.

Days of week - Allows you to specify which days of the week the scheduled job will run on.

Run between - Allows you to limit constrain backup job execution to a specific time range.


Other scheduling features include:


Load a preset backup plan - Provides a range of useful preset backup plans.

Reset to defaults - Returns all fields to their default values.

Estimated execution plan - Shows an approximation of the scheduled job execution cycle.


Important: Please note that the estimated execution plan cannot take backup job run times into account, so actual execution times may vary from what is shown.


Retry on Failure


SQL Backup Master has the ability to retry failed backup jobs executions that result in a failed state. If you wish to use this feature, click the Retry on Failure tab of the scheduler window and enable the Retry failed backup jobs option.


Select the number of minutes you wish to wait between job retries, as well as the maximum number of retry attempts.


You can also elect to suppress (all but the last) email notifications for retry attempts.