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Private key authentication

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SQL Backup Master supports the use of public/private key authentication when an FTP backup destination is configured to use the SFTP protocol.


SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is required in order to use private key authentication features.


Getting Started


In order to use private key authentication, first ensure that your FTP server supports SFTP (SSH) public/private key authentication.


Next, use your FTP server software to generate a public/private key pair (if you haven't already). Normally you'll also need to associate the corresponding public key to one or more user account. This this process is server-specific, so consult your server documentation as needed.


Configuring SQL Backup Master


To configure SQL Backup Master to use public/private key authentication, first add an FTP Server backup destination.


1.Enter your FTP server's host name into the server field.

2.Select SFTP from the protocol drop-down box.

3.Enter the port of your SFTP server (port 22 by default).

4.Select Private Key File from the auth type drop-down box.

5.Enter the username of your FTP server account.

6.If your private key requires a password, enter it into the password field. Otherwise leave this field blank.

7.Enter the path of your private key file into the private key field.

8.Use the Test button to ensure that connections are successful.


Supported Private Key Types


The following private key file types are supported.





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