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SQL Backup Master Help

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General global options include:


Default startup view - Select either the Backup dashboard or Backup job listing views to appear by default when you start SQL Backup Master.

Enable hardware graphics rendering mode - When enabled, allows your computer's graphics hardware to be used to render the SQL Backup Master client user interface. Disabling this switch to defer to software-only based rendering. Changes to this setting will not take affect until the client application is restarted.

Enable automatic crash reporting - Sends an anonymous application crash report to Key Metric Software in the event of an unexpected failure.

Automatically check for newer releases - Checks for newer program versions when the application starts.

Enable automatic log file processing - Use this option to automatically process the log files that are created by SQL Backup Master. If you disable this option, we recommend that you devise some other strategy for limiting the accumulation of log files.


Default Backup Settings


Here you can create a default set of backup job settings that will be applied to newly created backup jobs.


Important: Default job settings are not applied to existing backup jobs.