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Scheduling reports

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SQL Backup Master allows you to schedule the creation of any available report type.


A scheduled report can either output a report file to a specific path, send it via email, or both. Scheduled reports are created in PDF file format for maximum platform interoperability.


Creating a Scheduled Report


Navigate to the Reporting tab of the SQL Backup Master main window, and click the calendar icon in the left-hand navigation strip. A listing of scheduled reports will appear, if any have been defined.


Click the Add toolbar button to create a new scheduled report. The Scheduled Report Editor window will appear.


Reports have the following properties:


Report type - Specifies the type of report to generate.

Email report to - If you want to deliver your report via email, enter the recipient email address(es) here.

Email subject - The email subject line to use when delivering reports.

Save report file to folder - If you want to save reports to the file system, specify a folder path here.

Zip report file - When selected, compresses the resulting PDF report file using ZIP compression.


Note that scheduled reports must either be saved to the file system, delivered via email, or both.


IMPORTANT: To deliver reports via email, you must first configure a Mail Server in the Global Options window.


Defining a Schedule


While in the scheduled report editor window, select the Schedule tab.


In addition to the execution date and time, you can also configure the creation of scheduled reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.