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SQL Backup Master Help

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Use the configuration options outlined below to enable backup job notifications from SQL Backup Master.


Send Notifications On


Full backups - Send notifications when full backups succeed and/or fail.

Differential backups - Send notifications when differential backups succeed and/or fail.

Transaction log backups - Send notification when transaction log backups succeed and/or fail.


Show Desktop Notifications


When enabled, SQL Backup Master will show backup job notification messages on the Windows desktop. This requires installation of the tray notification component, offered as a separate option during program installation.


Send Email Notifications


When enabled, SQL Backup Master will send backup job notifications via email.


Subject - Click the Edit button to customize the outbound notification email subject to suit your preferences.

Recipient(s) - The email address(es) of the notification recipient(s). If you wish to enter multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma.

Send failure notifications separately - Use this option to send failure (and finished with errors) notifications to a separate email address(es).


IMPORTANT: Use of email notifications requires that you specify a mail server configuration.


Send Webhook Notifications


Select one or more webhooks that should receive notifications for this backup job.


Webhooks are configured in the global options window.