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If you've enabled email notifications, you'll need to configure a mail server for SMTP transport.


If you'd like to use the mail server configuration specified in the global options window, click the Use global mail server settings checkbox. Uncheck this option if you'd like to override the global configuration for the current backup job.


Server Settings


Custom or Gmail server - Select your mail server type. Use the custom type for anything other than Gmail.

SMTP server - Enter the fully qualified name of your SMTP host (e.g.

SMTP port - Enter the port associated with your SMTP host (usually port 25 for standard SMTP).

Username - If your email account requires SMTP authentication, enter the username here. In many cases, the username will be the same as your email address.

Password - If your email account requires SMTP authentication, enter the password here.

Encryption - Toggle on the Use SSL check box if your SMTP service provider requires it.


Please contact your email service provider (or network administrator) if you're uncertain about what values to enter above.


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