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SQL Backup Master provides reporting capabilities that facilitate understanding and management of SQL Server backup operations. For example, they can help you validate backup coverage and system resource availability.


To begin, select the Reporting tab in the SQL Backup Master main window. You'll be presented with a listing of available reports, which you can either view immediately or schedule for later execution.


Report Types


Backup job status - Displays summary information for each enabled backup job.

Backup destinations - Shows a listing of backup destinations for each enabled backup job.

Backup schedule - Lists the estimated backup execution schedule for each enabled backup job.

Free disk space - Queries SQL Server to determine free space (in MB) for each drive on the system.

Database file sizes - Lists the database file paths along with size information for each.

Recovery models - Shows the recovery model for each SQL Server instance.

Backup history - Displays database backup history information.

Most recent full backups - Show the most recent full backup for each database.

SQL Server versions - Shows product version and edition information for each SQL Server instance.

Memory usage - Shows memory usage statistics for each SQL Server instance. *


* The memory usage report requires SQL Server 2008 or later. All other reports work with SQL Server 2005 or later.


SQL Server Connections


Many (but not all) of the reports available through SQL Backup Master require a connection to SQL Server. In such cases, the connection is established using the authentication information associated with the backup jobs. For example, if you have a backup job that connects to SQL Server using Windows authentication, those same credentials will be used to query report data for that job.


Authenticating with an account that is a member of the SQL Server sysadmin role will ensure access to the data required to construct any report.


Viewing Reports


The SQL Backup master report viewer offers a range of useful capabilities via its toolbar. For example, you can print, export, or search the report contents.


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