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SQL Backup Master Help

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The Database Backup Editor window allows you to define database backup jobs, and is broken up into several key areas.




Shows your current database connection (if any) and a listing of databases to be backed up. For more information, see the Source databases help topic.




This area shows you a listing of backup destinations and allows you to manage them. For details, see the Destinations help topic.




The configuration area of the backup job editor includes the following fields:


Status - Shows whether the backup job is enabled or disabled (click the link to toggle between these states). When a backup job is disabled, it cannot be executed (either directly by a user or via the scheduler).

Schedule - Shows a summary of the current backup schedule, which you can click to edit. For details on editing backup job schedules, see the Scheduling help topic.

Run as - Shows the current user execution context for the backup job. You can change this via the Windows account tab of the Backup Job Settings window.

Notifications - Provides a summary of current email notification configuration (click to edit).

Name - This is the backup job name as it appears in the main window backup listing.

Description - Provides a space for descriptive notes regarding this backup job. Will be shown in the main window job listing when available.

Sort index - Used when sorting backup jobs in the main application window using the custom sort index option.


Job Settings


To edit settings for your current backup job, click the Backup job settings link in the lower left corner of the backup editor window. See the Job settings help topic for details.


Saving the Backup Job


When you have finished editing a database backup job, click the Save button to commit the changes or Cancel to discard.