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Backup logs

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SQL Backup Master logs a variety of operations during the database backup process.


Log message types fall into these categories:


Successes - Information messages regarding a backup operation.

Warnings - Messages regarding abnormal conditions worthy of note.

Errors - Unexpected, erroneous conditions encountered during backup operations.

Debug - Detailed information uses specifically for debugging purposes.


All of the above message types are logged during backup operations, with the exception of debug messages. Debug messages must be turned on explicitly, in cooperation with our technical support department.


SQL Backup Master log files are stored in the file system, and are subject to the automatic log file processing rules specified in global options.


To view the contents of the backup logs file system folder, click the appropriate link within the global options window.


Log Viewer


To view backup logs, click the View database backup log button within the Backup and restore tab of the main application window.


You can also access the logs for a specific job by right-clicking the job in the main window job listing and selecting View log.


The log viewer reads log files (contained in the file system), parses them, and displays them in an easy-to-understand format. It displays individual backup job executions as a series of tree nodes, the root of which can be expanded to view additional details. You can also select a specific tree node in order to view its full text in the lower panel.


The log viewer toolbar allows you to control which log message types are visible, as well as specify a time period and event source. Log entries can also be refreshed, collapsed, and expanded via the respective toolbar buttons.


You can export log entries as HTML using the "Export visible log entries" link near the bottom of the Log Viewer window.