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SQL Backup Master uses a simple and transparent process to create, compress, and store database backups.


Why Transparency Matters


One of the best attributes of SQL Backup Master is that it isn’t doing anything proprietary. SQL Backup Master leverages the native backup capabilities of SQL Server itself to create raw database backup files. It then compresses (and optionally encrypts) that backup using the (industry standard) compression algorithm of your choice (or none at all, if you prefer) and uploads it to your configured backup destination(s).


This means you're not tied to SQL Backup Master should you never need to recover your database. In fact, manual recovery is as simple as downloading the backup file from your backup destination, decompressing it using readily available tools, and then restoring the database via SQL Server (which can be done using SQL Server Management Studio or SQL statements).


To summarize - SQL Backup Master adds considerable value to the SQL Server database backup process without stripping you of the freedom to adapt. And, just as importantly, database recovery isn’t locked behind some expensive licensing paywall of a third party software company. Your data is your data, after all, and that’s how it should remain.