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SQL Backup Master Help

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Selecting Home in the main window navigation bar reveals the SQL Backup Master dashboard view.


The dashboard is broken down into individual widgets, each of which refreshes its contents automatically.




The summary widget shows overview information such as the number of enabled and disabled backup jobs, total storage in use, and more.


Current Job Status


Shows the number of backup jobs currently in each status. For example, you can quickly see how many backup jobs have never been run.


Version Info


Shows the currently-installed product version, as well as the latest version available for download from the product website.


Storage Used


Shows a breakdown of storage space in use, either by backup job or destination.


Backup storage metrics are calculated as the last step of backup job execution.


Click the drop-down navigation button in the upper right corner of this widget to switch views.


Recent Backup History


Provides a visual representation of recent backup history using a stacked column graph.


Use the arrow navigation buttons to move back and forth in the recent backup history time-line.


To review complete backup history data, see the Backup history report.


SQL Instance Coverage


Shows a list of SQL Server instances currently covered by configured backup jobs.


Backups by Avg. Duration


Shows the average execution time for each backup.


For a full report of average backup durations, see the Backups by average duration report.