Since its original release in 2013, SQL Backup Master has become one of the most popular SQL Server database backup solutions in the world. The release of v7 expands on our committment to make safe, reliable, off-site (and on-premises) SQL Server backups available to everyone.

User Interface

For the first time since its introduction, SQL Backup Master gets a user interface overhaul with the release of v7.

Not just for the sake of change, mind you. No, SQL Backup Master needed some room to grow to accommodate an expanding list of capabilities. Our goal with the v7 re-design was to provide that elbow room while also minimizing changes to the core backup management experience that so many of you seem to appreciate.

For this release announcement, I'll include screenshots from the Dark Blue theme (one of many available).

SQL Backup Master main window

SQL Backup Analytics & Reporting

SQL Backup Master 7 introduces a new Home view that effectively serves as a powerful SQL backup dashboard.

Quickly determine the status of your backup jobs, including how much storage space they're using, how long they take to execute, successes and failures over time, and more.

SQL database backup analytics

The reporting system has also been expanded to offer more powerful SQL database backup analytics. The screenshot below shows off the brand new SQL Backup History report.

Database backup history report

There's also a new report that shows average backup job durations, along with many improvements to existing reporting features.

Backup Scheduling Improvements

SQL Backup Master 7 offers an improved backup scheduling experience, and now includes the ability to target specific days of the month (including the last day of each month).

SQL backup schedule

Backup Job Settings Sync

SQL Backup Master 7 includes a new tool that allows users to quickly and easily sync settings between database backup jobs.

Backup job settings sync

Improved 7-Zip Compression

SQL Backup Master 7 includes greatly improved support for 7-zip backup file compression.

  • 7-zip backup compression performance improved considerably.
  • 7-zip backup compression now supports single-threaded configuration option.
  • Improved progress reporting for 7-zip backup compression.

Many Additional Improvements

The above overview is just the beginning. We've refined and improved many other features in SQL Backup Master 7, and we think you're going to love the changes.

  • Reports are now grouped into primary and SQL Server system reports.
  • Added current storage used to backup summary and destination reports.
  • Report scheduling view now provides direct access to error log entries.
  • Improved consistency of backup report layouts and naming conventions.
  • Improved readability of report viewer toolbar when using dark themes.
  • Backup destination report now uses a table data layout.
  • Backup job listing filter indicator now includes total job count.
  • Added database selection context menu to backup job view.
  • Backup file cleanup logs now include size information for pruned files.
  • Backup job editor now indicates when job scheduling is paused during editing .
  • Improved global settings validation with pre-commit normalization.
  • Updated communications libraries for Box, Google Drive, S3 and OneDrive storage services.
  • Improvements to backup job script editing experience.
  • Log viewer can now target all backup job event sources.
  • Improved cancellation responsiveness for several backup destinations.
  • Backup schedule summaries are now more succinct and informative.
  • Removed feature usage telemetry data collection (and related setting).
  • Improved efficiency of Google Drive backup destination service communications.
  • Added a simple webhook template for Google Chat.
  • Improved theming of desktop notification alerts.
  • Multiple improvements to the appearance of dark themes.
  • Improved clarity and scaling of all backup destination icons.
  • Global settings are now available directly in the main window.
  • Improved representation of action retry state in client user interface.
  • Various improvements to configuration import and export tooling.
  • Improved backup job status determination when using inline upload feature.
  • More (full release notes)

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