A purchased SQL Backup Master license can be installed only on computers owned by the licensee. Such licenses cannot be used on computers owned by another entity (such as customers of the licensee, etc.) regardless of license type (single computer, site wide, or enterprise).

To accommodate cases where you need to install and support SQL Backup Master on computers owned by another organization, we offer discounted reseller licenses. We also offer discounted OEM licenses that can be redistributed with existing hardware or software solutions. Discount rates are based on license quantity and distribution scope.

Reseller and OEM licenses have the following expectations:

  • First-line technical support is provided by the reseller or OEM.
  • Resellers and OEMs will ensure that their customers adhere to product license terms.
  • Reseller licenses are intended for use only by the reseller's direct customers.

If you're interested in reselling SQL Backup Master, contact us with information about your organization and your intended resale or OEM scenario. Please also include your company's contact information, including website address.

We welcome reseller and OEM inquiries from businesses of all sizes, and there are no minimum purchase requirements. We look forward to working with you to provide high-quality, affordable SQL database backups to your customers.