Extended S3 Support in SQL Backup Master 6.3

SQL Backup Master v6.3 has arrived, and extends our (already excellent) S3 support by adding explicit support for IDrive e2 and a Custom S3-Compatible backup destination.

The new custom S3 backup destination makes it easier than ever to target a wide range of S3-compatible services and devices – including on-premises storage systems such as:

  • MinIO – A high-performance, S3 compatible object store built for large scale AI/ML, data lake and database workloads.
  • Cloudian Hyperstore – An S3-compatible object storage platform designed to manage limitless amounts of data in a cloud-native data format.
  • Ceph – A unified storage service with object, block, and file interfaces from a single cluster built from commodity hardware components.
  • LeoFS – An open source distributed object storage system and a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent storage system.
  • Riak S2 – An easy-to-operate, readily available, and highly scalable storage software optimized to store objects.

This new release also exposes additional service endpoints for Wasabi backup destinations, offers improved support for Azure blob service versions, and more.

SQL Backup Master v6.3 is available for immediate download.