Google Drive Integration Update

Due to security changes at Google, SQL Backup Master’s integration with Google Drive has been updated to use a narrower authorization scope. After this change, SQL Backup Master will only have access to files and folders that it created.

SQL Backup Master users that are sending backups to Google Drive must upgrade to SQL Backup Master v7.3 and re-authorize any existing Google Drive connections. Integrations that are not re-authorized will stop working on July 31st, 2024.

How To Proceed

  • Upgrade to SQL Backup Master v7.3. If you’re using a previous major version release, you’ll need to upgrade your license prior to upgrading the product installation.
  • Start SQL Backup Master and identify backup jobs that connect with Google Drive.
  • Re-authorize each Google Drive connection by editing them and clicking the Authorize button.
  • Save the backup job.

Once done, test all affected backup jobs to ensure expected functionality.

Additional Considerations

SQL Backup Master 7.3 should continue to prune, recover, and otherwise process backup files created with previous product versions.

However, SQL Backup Master 7.3 will no longer have access to shared Google Drive files or folders. As such, we recommend you don’t use Google Drive’s sharing features when storing database backups.

Also, if you store SQL Server backups in Google Drive folders that were not created by SQL Backup Master, then SQL Backup Master 7.3 will no longer have access to them.