How to Back up SQL Server Databases to Backblaze

Good news! Our friends over at Backblaze have implemented an S3 Compatible API for their B2 Cloud Storage service. This means you can begin using SQL Backup Master to back up SQL Server databases to Backblaze B2 Storage Cloud immediately.

Backblaze has developed the following guidelines for using their S3 compatible API:

Important: As noted in the article above, B2 Storage buckets created prior to May 4th, 2020 are not S3 compatible. You can work around this by simply creating a new bucket for storing your database backups.

Overall, we think this is excellent news for SQL Backup Master users. Thanks to the recent development work put forth by Backblaze, you can now safely store SQL Server backups in their B2 Cloud Storage platform – one of the most robust and cost effective storage options available today.

For details on how to integrate SQL Backup Master with S3 compatible services, please see our blog post on the subject.