Why You Can Trust SQL Backup Master

When searching for a software based solution to a problem, trust clearly matters a great deal. Never is this more true that in the case of database backup software. After all, what good is a SQL Server database backup solution if you’re uncertain about the viability of the backups it creates?

In this article, we’re going go take a closer look at the transparent operational nature of SQL Backup Master, the company behind it, and your role in ensuring backup chain confidence.

SQL Backup Transparency

One of the best attributes of SQL Backup Master is that it isn’t doing anything magical or proprietary behind the scenes. SQL Backup Master leverages the native backup capabilities of SQL Server itself to create raw database backup files. It then compresses (and optionally encrypts) the backup using the compression algorithm of your choice (or none at all, if you prefer) and uploads it to your configured backup destination(s).

What this ultimately means it that you’re not required to use SQL Backup Master when it comes time to recover a database from backup. Of course, SQL Backup Master has a helpful database recovery option available to you – but it isn’t doing anything that you can’t do manually should you choose to do so. In fact, manual recovery is as simple as downloading the backup file from your backup destination, decompressing it using readily available tools, and then restoring the database directly via SQL Server (which can be done using SQL Server Management Studio or SQL statements).

I really can’t stress this point enough – SQL Backup Master adds considerable value to the SQL Server database backup process without stripping you of the freedom to adapt. And, just as importantly, database recovery process isn’t locked behind some expensive licensing paywall of a third party software company. Your data is your data, after all, and that’s how it should remain.

Pedigree of Key Metric Software

Another consideration when choosing a database backup solution is, of course, the software development company behind it.

Key Metric Software has been operational since 2003 and has a number of very well-regarded software products on the market – all actively developed and supported. We have over 50 thousand paid customers (plus many more using the free versions of some of our products) around the world – and our support services are world-class.

The goal of Key Metric Software has always been to create strong value propositions for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and SQL Backup Master is a critical part of that vision.

Your Role in Database Backup Security

Confidence in your SQL Server database backup and recovery strategy ultimately begins and ends with you.

When evaluating a database backup software solution, be sure to put the product through its paces by testing the entire backup chain from backup to recovery. You should also plan on re-testing the backup chain periodically to establish an ongoing sense of security and confidence.

After all, a database backup is only valuable if it can be recovered when needed.